Mediation Services

I have successfully mediated hundreds of cases during my careear.  I find mediation to be the quickest, lowest cost, least stressful, solution to resolving disputes.  Mediation often results in a better resolution than what the parties would get going to court.  

Our Mediation Solutions

Civil Litigation

I have been litigating both family and civil cases for 10 years. During these years I have learned that mediation is in my opinion the most effective tool for resolving disputes.  I believe strongly in the win win approach, and that the reason why cases do not settle is because the parties either do not understand the issues, do not understand the liability, and do not understand what is driving the other party.  

As an experienced attorney, I know I can provide insight into how cases are evaluated on both sides.  As a lawyer committed to helping people, I enjoy the process of breaking down the barriers to settlement and depolarizing the case.  


Detailed Mediation Assistance At Reasonable Rates

We are quite willing to spend whatever time it takes to get the case settled by providing follow-up telephone conferences at no cost. Our fees are very resonable with no minimum and no cancellation fee.

We look forward to working with you to resolve your next case.  If you have any questions about The Thomatos Law Offices at 408-627-9248.

Areas of Law for Mediation Services

We will gladly mediate cases regarding:

  •  Personal Injury law 
  •  Family Law
  •  Business and Corporate Law
  •  Employment Law
  •  Real Estate Law

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