Our office handles all types of legal matters, and if we are not able to help you we will do our best to give you an excellent refferal. Mr. Thomatos over the last 10 years of practice has handled almost every type of case possible and this broad knowledge makes him unique in modern day practice.  


General Practice

A general practice attorney is typically a legal professional who handles more than one area of law. A general practice attorney may handle personal injury, family law, criminal defense and traffic law, for example.  


There are various benefits to working with a general practice attorney, depending on your unique legal needs. One benefit is working with a professional who you can rely on for any type of legal concern you may have. If you receive a traffic ticket, you can call the attorney to see what can be done to fight the ticket. If you are dealing with a legal issue related to paternity or adoption, you can call the same attorney or firm to receive experienced guidance. Instead of finding separate lawyers or firms, all of your legal needs can be addressed by one firm.


In some cases, a general practice attorney may refer a particular type of case to a lawyer who specializes in that field. For example, an attorney who focuses on numerous areas of law may not have the time or resources to handle a major criminal case related to homicide, or may simply feel more comfortable trusting this type of case to an attorney who only practices criminal law. A general practice attorney may also consult with other legal professionals on certain cases, depending on the situation.





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