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The legal team at The Thomatos Law Offices is at your service. We offer reliable representation in both criminal and civil matters.  Our main area of practice is DUI defense in all of the San Francisco bay area counties. 

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What Makes Us Different

Mr. Thomatos has been practicing law for 10 years, and during that time he handled hundreds of criminal and civil cases.  Mr. Thomatos is personally involved in all of his cases, and is a well practiced criminal law attorney having represented clients in serious felony and misdemeanor cases.  Mr. Thomatos has litigated hundreds of DUI cases in Northern California.  Currently Mr. Thomatos is a DUI Attorney for The Genesis Law Group, referral attorney at LegalZoom.com, a panel attorney at RocketLawyer.com, a panel attorney at Parker Stanbury Prepaid Legal, and a of counsel attorney at The Phan Law Firm. Mr. Thomatos works hard to fight for your constitutional rights, and client satisfaction is our number one objective.


About our Legal Practice

The Thomatos Law Offices is different in approach from most law offices. Mr. Thomatos will personally handle your case from start to finish. Where expert teams of lawyers are needed for complex litigation, Mr. Thomatos hires the best team possible to work with him for optimal results.  You will never have to worry about not being able to reach Mr. Thomatos or communicate with him directly.  At our law offices our clients come first.


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Who We Are

Mr. Thomatos curreltly is a of counsel attorney for The Genesis Law Group handling exclusivly DUI cases for their firm all accross the San Francisco bay area.  Mr. Thomatos is a referral attorney for LegalZoom.com, a panel attorney for Parker Stanbury Pre-Paid Legal, and a panel attorney for Rocketlawyer.com.  Mr. Thomatos is also an of counsel attorney for the Phan Law Firm in San Jose, handling their DUI and criminal law matters.  Our office works with some of the best attorneys in the nation. If we cannot assist you in a particular legal matter, we will refer you to someone who can help you.  Our number one goal is client satisfaction. 


Thomas G. Thomatos, Esq.

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